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Barbados, the ultimate Caribbean destination
3 juin 2019

Barbados, the ultimate Caribbean destination

Barbados, the ultimate Caribbean destination

You want to enjoy the Caribbean island life and idle by the beach for your holidays? But do you also want an adventure and cultural-packed vacation? Rihanna’s homeland will definitely be where you’ll land next! Top destination of 2017, Barbados has indeed a lot to offer and welcomes tourists daily.

The most British island of the Carribean

Barbados is located 100 miles the east of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and is the easternmost island in the Caribbean. The land area is about 431 square kilometres and is shaped like Africa but upside down. The resemblance nonetheless ends there because Barbados is very developed, and the literacy rate is close to 100%. Being the closest to Europe, it used to be the link between the continent and the Caribbean back in 17th century. Barbados has even become a British possession until 1966. It has kept the colonial heritage through its architecture and culture. For instance, the official language is British English even though there is that dialect when it comes to speaking. Bridgetown, the capital, is called Little England for its so British buildings and has even become a UNESCO World Heritage. People, the Bajans, do also enjoy drinking the afternoon tea and playing the cricket.

Barbados, the ultimate Caribbean destination

A typical yet unique Caribbean island

Like most of the Caribbean islands, Barbados is home to beautiful white sandy beaches bounded with turquoise water. Since it is also set between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, you have swimming and snorkelling spots in the west and hot surfing sites such as Bathsheba in the east. You can also go on a catamaran cruise to reach diving spots. History buffs will find their slice of haven strolling in the streets of Barbados or visiting historic places such as the sugar cane plantations or the rum factory. Nature lovers will love a safari in Barbados’s rainforest. Adventurous spirits would go climbing or hiking the 340 meters of Mount Hillaby. The sweat will be worth it because the views of the eastern and northern coasts from there are magnificent. Party animals and foodies will love Barbados by night, especially Holetown. Drinks, snack, fine dinner but also entertainment await those who dare to discover the island’s night life.

Getting ready for your trip to Barbados

Barbados is reachable by plane or by cruise and you don’t usually need a visa to enter the territory – if you are staying less than 28 days, or 12 days if you are cruising. The documents you need are a valid passport, a return ticket and your intended address on the island. You therefore need to have booked your accommodation beforehand. There is a wide range of places to stay in Barbados: luxurious hotels, beach cottages, apartments or holidays rentals. Pick yours according to your budget and tastes. You also need to plan your visit in advance because there is so much to see and booking tours ahead will always also be cheaper. As for the wardrobe, cotton light clothes are recommended because the weather is hot all year-round.

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    Barbados, Barbados, the ultimate Caribbean destination, Sun Villa Islands
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    Barbados, Barbados, the ultimate Caribbean destination, Sun Villa Islands

Barbados, Barbados, the ultimate Caribbean destination, Sun Villa Islands English