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The Marvelous, Majestic Mustique Island
20 juin 2019

The Marvelous, Majestic Mustique Island

The Marvelous, Majestic Mustique Island

Mustique Island is one of the islands of the Grenadines, one hundred miles west of Barbados. It is a private island that possesses interesting historical facts, enriching culture, and magnificent views. The Mustique Island is owned by the Mustique Company which is owned by this island’s homeowners. There are about one hundred villas on the island as well as a couple of hotels. Along with this, there are restaurants, bars, and also the beach café, which are all owned by the Mustique Company.

Many sources state that the first inhabitants of this island were most likely South Americans, then Arawaks, and finally Caribs. The Caribs were later driven away by Europeans who wanted to make a living by planting suger on the island. At that time, there was a lack of sources of sugar in Europe, therefore the West Indies became very significant. The name Mustique came from the French word “moustique”, which means “mosquito.” Later on in history, sugar plantations were no longer in demand and the seven plantations that were found on the island were abandoned.

The Hazell family stepped in and purchased the Mustique Island and they started a farm there, eventually forming the Mustique Company in 1968. The Mustique Company then made many changes to the island including building an operational airport, adding electricity, constructing new villas, hotels, roads, clinics, and adding potable water.

The Marvelous, Majestic Mustique Island

Today this island is an attraction to many visitors and has been for generations. Among the reasons for this is the Mustique Island climate. The climate there is gentle and tropical year round. From January to April it is on the cooler and drier side, and for the rest of the year it is warmer and more humid.

Tourists are also drawn by the island life and the luxurious hospitality options that the island has to offer. Even though it is a small island, there is a lot to do there. Tourists visiting the Mustique Island will be able to do as they please. They can enjoy the privacy of a villa to rent, get to know their neighbors and plan parties with them, or host dinners or cocktail parties alongside the beach. There are many picnic sites around the island where tourists can enjoy private parties.

Tourists to Mustique Island are also free to explore everything that is on the island including swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling and sailing in the breathtaking waters. Some other activities on land include horseback riding, playing tennis or spoiling yourself with world-class spa treatment. Children can also have their share in fun during their visit to the Mustique Island. There is a myriad of fun activities to do such as water sports, drive in cinemas, treasure hunts, kite flying competitions, etc. They can also get to know children living in neighboring villas and make new life long friends.

Macaroni beach and Simplicity beach are two amongst many of the beaches on the island that tourists can choose from to visit. Some beaches have calmer waters that are well suited for snorkeling and other beaches have waters that are excellent for surfing.

The Mustique Company staff are welcoming and friendly and will make tourists fall right into the Mustique spell and go back there for vacation every year. The Company has about 25 resident staff and they all oversee island life, including management of private villas. The private villas are all very beautiful, each with their own unique features.

Even though this island is a private island and is somewhat secluded, it is not difficult to travel to. There are aircrafts from St Lucia that fly to the island daily, and during the summer, there are connecting flights from the Barbados airport.

Many events have taken place on Mustique Island because of it’s magnificence, such as New Year’s Eve Parties, weddings, birthdays, retreats, and many more unforgettable memories. The island can even provide tourists with their own party planner that will take care of everything for them. Every event will be unique and definitely memorable.

The Company’s motto is, “What happens in Mustique, stays in Mustique.”

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    , The Marvelous, Majestic Mustique Island, Sun Villa Islands

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