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2 May 2019


When in Mustique, bask on the beautiful Macaroni Beach

Located on the east of Mustique, Macaroni Beach is the most popular of the island and is one of the top ten beaches in the world. Framed by green palm trees and crystal-clear water, the pristine crescent shore is celebrities’ favourite when on the private island.

A paradisiac and secluded beach

Mustique Island, 18 miles in the southeast of St. Vincent, is the perfect destination to holiday like a celebrity without all the crowd in the Caribbean. It is therefore quiet in general and not crowded. That applies to the beach as well, even though anyone from the neighbouring islands can boat out and enjoy a day at the Mustique coastline. Macaroni Beach, in the eastern shoreline, is a spot where residents and visitors alike love to idle under the sun. The turquoise water and the soft white sands set in front of giant palm trees bring an utter peace of mind. You can bring your towel, spread it and idle or rent a picnic table and enjoy a barbecue with your family and friends. Besides, the seashore welcome only a few people despite the free admission. That is because you have to do a bit of hiking to reach the secluded bay. You can also charter a boat and drop your anchor there – that’s what celebrities do. However, the Mustique Company will ask you to pay between 80 USD and 200 USD depending on the size of the boat. Bear in mind that that is a daily fee and that yachts are not allowed on the bay. Macaroni Beach is also a good spot for snorkelling. You have to boat out a few miles from the shore to reach diving spots though.

Another plethora of coves to discover

Macaroni Beach is the most popular for its Atlantic breeze and striking beauty. But Mustique – despite being a small island, has nine other beaches. They are all as beautiful even though there are some contrast with the stars’ favourite, and they are also less pricey and easier to reach. In the west, Lagoon offers an ordinary sandy beach and a sparkling clean water. It is nonetheless the picnic place by excellence – it has the most tables and barbecues grills in the islands. Parties are often hold there and you might find yourself invited to join. It is thus a great place to meet other islanders. Not so far around, Gelliceaux Bay uncovers yet another typical shore but with a stunning turquoise water. There is no way you would refuse a quick dip in the bay. In the north, Pasture bay awaits with its windy beach, dedicated for long walks. A stark landscape belies the canopy of green around Rutland bay and North Point. You will be taken aback by the rugged terrain. Each and every beach in Mustique are unique in their way and they are all worth a visit. To avoid the high price tag for docking at the bays, you could rent one of the 74 holiday homes on the island book a room at The Cotton House or Firefly.

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